'There is no such thing as a baby, there is a baby and someone'

Donald Winnicott



Our Team

Lifespan Psychology Centre has a growing team of clinicians, each with their own unique set of experiences and specialist skills. 

All our clinicians describe their work with families and organisations in their brief biography, found below. For more information, you can contact an individual clinician, or send a general enquiry, using the details listed on the Contact Us page.

Dr Lynn Priddis, PhD. Clinical and Counselling Psychologist

Dr Matt Ruggiero, PhD. Counselling Psychologist

Dr Raffaella Salvo, PhD. Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Ms Anina Simonis, Registered Psychologist

Ms Brooke Maddestra, Clinical Psychology Registrar

Mrs Lisa Haines, Senior Occupational Therapist


My professional work covers many contexts; clinical psychology practice, training and speaking engagements for organisations and professional bodies, supervision for both individuals and groups as well as academic teaching, consultancy and research. My work is consistently underpinned by evidence-based frameworks: Attachment Theory, Mentalizing Based Treatment (MBT), as well as the relational framework of Infant – Early Childhood Mental Health. My central areas of expertise are in working with caregivers/parents and their infants, and in MBT. I have extensive expertise in these areas and am internationally accredited as a practitioner and supervisor in Mentalizing Based Treatment (MBT), and as a trainer in diagnosis in infants and young children using the international DC: 0-5 classification system.

In my clinical practice as well as caregiver-infant relationship therapy, I provide counselling and psychotherapy with children, adolescents, adults, couples and families and have done so for several decades. I train and supervise other professionals working in these fields and consult with agencies in the area of perinatal and infant-early childhood mental health and in MBT.


I am a Counselling Psychologist working in both clinical practice and academic teaching/research. I completed my PhD in Counselling Psychology at Curtin University. In my clinical work I support children, adolescents, and adults who experience emotional instability, behave impulsively or aggressively, or experience significant difficulties in relationships. I am an internationally accredited practitioner and supervisor in Mentalizing Based Treatment (MBT), and have additional training in Attachment Theory and Psychodynamic approaches to intervention.

At Lifespan Psychology Centre I provide individual, family, and group intervention with a focus on treating adolescents with emerging personality disorder and parents/children engaging with Child Protection services. I supervise several clinical teams implementing MBT across Australia and am lead consultant for the implementation of MBT as a model of practice at the Perth Children’s Hospital Mental Health Inpatient unit.

I teach and research developmental psychology at Curtin University and am lead researcher on a Phase One trial testing the efficacy of MBT in family violence mediations at the University of Western Australia. In my teaching and supervision, I try to help clinicians to look beyond people's behaviour to see the underlying motivations, hopes, feelings and fears that produce the actions and responses that we all see. I am a current member of the WA Health Department Personality Disorder steering committee.


I have 25 years experience as a clinical psychologist and psychodynamic psychotherapist specialised in working with parent-infants, children and adolescents. I work also with adult clients who seek support to get a deeper understanding of their personality and their way of relating to others.  I hold a doctorate from the University of Padua - Italy and completed part of my doctoral studies at the Anna Freud Centre in London - UK. I am a senior lecturer in Perinatal and Infant Mental Health and Clinical Psychology postgraduate courses at Edith Cowan University. I bring into my practice my experience as a clinician, consultant, supervisor and lecturer/trainer of other professionals/students as well as my dedication to the well being of my young patients and their families. I strive to offer an attachment and trauma informed practice based on deep listening and commitment to my clients and their emotional needs.
I am fully bilingual (Italian and English).


I am a General Psychologist, fully registered with AHPRA. I bring more than 15 years combined experience in counselling, social work, human resources, therapeutic support and psychological assessment and intervention. This experience I obtained in Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Japan. I originally graduated in Psychology in South Africa, and then obtained further postgraduate training, intensive internship training and professional development in Australia.

I have worked in the Education and Government sectors as well as with non-government organisations. My work has predominantly been with children, adolescents, young adults, and families. I enjoy working with individuals and supporting their functioning within their families, culture, education/work setting, or other social system.


I began my career working with adolescents and other vulnerable people in crisis support and accommodation services. After working in the environment sector, I realised that person-focused work is where I thrive. I have joined Lifespan Psychology Centre as a Clinical Psychology Registrar to offer individualised support to people across the lifespan.
My interest and special skills lie in working with parents and families - navigating antenatal, perinatal, and infant mental health. My work is relational and trauma-informed. I think each person and every family must be understood uniquely and deeply for this is the first essential step if we are to meet your individually-tailored treatment needs.


I am a Senior Occupational Therapist with experience in disability service provision, hospitals, schools, day cares, and private practice. Having decided to specialise in work with young children and their families, I completed a Masters in Infant Mental Health at Edith Cowan University. 
Now, I largely work with families experiencing relational upset caused by child social or emotional problems, gross and fine motor delays, sensory processing differences, sleep disturbances, mealtime battles, toileting troubles, or difficulty feeling close with one another. I work with a relational focus, understanding that the well being of a child and the well being of the family go hand-in-hand. I am also a paediatric massage consultant.
My clients are eligible for Medicare, private health fund, and/or NDIS rebates for services (self managed plans).


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