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My Story

I am a Psycho-analytic Psychotherapist (Group Analyst) and Occupational Therapist with 20 years of experience of supporting people to live lives that have meaning and purpose in the context of mental health issues.   I understand that each patient is unique and equipped with their own strengths that have helped them navigate life.  I aim to build on these strengths and foster a reflective capacity in my patients that means that their lives and relationships run more smoothly and they are able to obtain more of what it is they desire from life.    

I have specialised in supporting patients who have experienced a difficult start in life in some way.  This includes attachment disruptions such as separation, loss or inconsistencies from attachment figures or trauma such as abuse and neglect. 

My therapeutic stance is characterised by a warm, empathic and compassionate curiosity to get to know and understand my patients. 


Through my work I am able to offer a reparative experience through which an understanding can be arrived at together about how the events of one’s early life can shape our lives today, even in ways we may not be consciously aware.  It is through the development of this reflective capacity that change is possible.          

Please see link for the full details of my training, experience and afflations I maintain

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