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Our consultation fees vary depending on the service provided. Contact us for more information, and a confidential discussion of your needs.


Referrals accepted through:​

  • Self-referral by contacting Lifespan Psychology Centre directly

  • Contacting your GP to access

the 'Better Access to Mental Health' initiatives​


If you have been referred via a GP Mental Health Plan or via a Specialist referral, you will be eligible for rebates under Medicare Australia for the first 6 sessions. A review by your GP is required before any additional sessions can be claimed and a maximum of 10 + 10 sessions can be claimed per calendar year. If you require more sessions, then you may be able to claim a benefit from your private health insurance fund.
The current Medicare rebate to see a counselling/clinical psychologist is $93.35/137.05 (for a 50-minute session).


If you do not have a GP  Mental Health Plan or Specialist referral, you can self-refer and still be eligible for Private Insurance rebates providing you have Ancillary benefits and your policy includes Clinical Psychology.  If you have any queries, please call your Private Insurance Fund.  Please note,  each Fund differs in regard to the number of sessions they will rebate and how much rebate is given per session.

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