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My Story

My work experience spans both the private and public sectors, where I have developed a special interest in Perinatal and Infant Mental Health, and with young children who have experienced complex/developmental trauma. I aim to provide a warm, relational and trauma-informed therapeutic space for my clients, in which I draw primarily from attachment and mentalization-based treatment approaches.


When working with parents/caregivers, I offer a space to explore and reflect upon their own early experiences and the many unique challenges that the perinatal period and parenting in general presents. 

I have completed advanced trauma processing (EMDR) training specific to Perinatal and Infant Mental Health clients and additional training in EMDR protocols developed specifically for preverbal trauma and infants/young children. Combining this training and experience means I am able to support family members of all ages heal together from trauma occurring in the perinatal period. 


I am able to support caregivers and their new-borns/infants (0-2 years) overcome early challenges in their relationship through the dyadic, evidenced-based Attachment and Biobehavioural Catch-up (ABC) program, which is delivered in the client’s home. 


When working with young children, I offer play therapy/child psychotherapy, which provides a space for them to share and organise their inner world of complex feelings. I have years of experience providing EMDR therapy to children and young people (both standard protocol and interwoven with play therapy).


I am also a Board Approved Supervisor who enjoys supporting early career psychologists.


Lifespan has expanded to Mandurah and has opened a new clinic out of Blossoming Bump. We are currently accepting referrals and are open to providing therapeutic support to perinatal clients in Mandurah on Wednesdays and Saturdays

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