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To me, psychotherapy is not just a tool for symptomatic relief, but also an opportunity for development, to grow in creativity and in the capacity to more fully engage with life. I opened Lifespan Psychology Centre with my dear colleagues Lynn and Raffi out of a hope that we might build a place that feels welcoming and receptive to the clinicians, families, and patients who find themselves walking through the door.

My Story

I completed my PhD in Counselling Psychology at Curtin University. In my clinical work I support children, adolescents, and adults who experience emotional instability, behave impulsively or aggressively, or experience significant difficulties in relationships. I am an internationally accredited practitioner, supervisor, and trainer in Mentalizing Based Treatment (MBT), and have additional training in Attachment Theory, Infant Observation, and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.


At Lifespan Psychology Centre I provide individual psychotherapy, family therapy, parenting support, and group therapy interventions. I supervise several clinical teams implementing MBT across Australia and consult in the development and implementation of MBT as a model of practice in clinical services.

I have taught developmental psychology and child/adolescent clinical intervention at several universities and currently offer training and supervision for clinicians who wish to build their capacity to utilise a developmental, relational, and mentalizing-based framework in their work. In my teaching and supervision, I try to help clinicians to look beyond people's behaviour to see the underlying motivations, hopes, feelings and fears that produce the actions and responses that we all see.

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