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My Story

My name is Anahita (pronounced Anna-heeta). I am a Clinical Psychologist Registrar who has worked
with infants, children, parents, and adults. During my time working as a psychologist, I have come to
see the delicate complexities of our minds and how our environment can shape us. I have been
amazed by the bravery of those who seek therapy, and therefore aim to create a safe space for my
clients to explore their internal worlds. I draw upon relational, trauma and attachment informed
approaches to meet each individual client with compassion and gentle curiosity during our work

I have a special interest in perinatal psychology, supporting parents and their little ones to create
deep and positive relationships. I support children as they navigate the complexities of the world
through young eyes, and I support families to understand their children’s challenges. As someone
from a diverse cultural background, I find myself particularly interested in cross-cultural psychology
and understanding the role of the environment in one’s development.

If you are considering therapy for either yourself or your child, feel free to reach out so that we can
discuss how we can work together to support you.

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