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MBT Adolescent (MBT-A)

About this course:

Mentalizing-Based Treatment for Adolescents (MBT-A) is a treatment approach for working with adolescents presenting with a wide range of mental health needs including: interpersonal difficulties, emotional dysregulation, impulsivity and self-harm. MBT-A combines individual weekly sessions for adolescents along with Mentalization-based family therapy sessions (MBT-F) and aims to enhance an adolescent’s capacity to represent their own and others’ feelings accurately and in emotionally challenging situations. MBT-A has been shown to be effective in reducing self-harm and depressive symptoms in adolescents (Rossouw & Fonagy, 2012) 


This training will provide an introduction to Mentalization-Based Treatment for Adolescents (MBT-A), offering a practical and trauma-informed approach to the key elements of the model and how it can be applied in work with young people in clinical settings. Participants will gain an understanding of the specific complexities in working with adolescents and the relevance of mentalizing in relationships and in the maintenance of self-esteem, affect regulation and impulse control. The course will also address ways of working with self-harm. Participants will learn to integrate mentalizing skills into their clinical work with adolescents.

Pre-requisite: Mentalizing Skills Course or MBT Basic Training Course

Suitable for: Clinicians wishing to build specialised skills adapting mentalizing interventions for use with adolescents and their families.

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