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MBT Practitioner Training

Once clinicians have attended an MBT Basic Training Course and consolidated their skills in supervised practice for a time, the next step towards accreditation is to attend a Practitioner Training Course. Participants of this course learn to evaluate their own fidelity to the MBT model and have opportunities to explore more complex aspects of each of the six MBT practice domains. Attendees are asked to bring case material in the form of video footage of a session (preferred) or com-plex cases (with a specific session in mind to discuss) that could benefit from live supervision. These cases will be used as material to help attendees actively engage with the MBT practice domains. Knowledge and self-evaluation skills will be developed through deep attention to case material. This course will be presented by Prof Anthony Bateman and supported by AFNC accredited MBT trainers/supervisors Dr Matthew Ruggiero and Dr Lynn Priddis.

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