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My Story

I am a registered counsellor specializing in perinatal mental health, holding a Master of Counselling
and Psychotherapy. My expertise is enriched by extensive experience as a midwife. I am dedicated
to supporting parents and individuals by integrating my knowledge of perinatal mental health with
maternal care.
My primary focus is to empower parents with information and choices throughout their pregnancy
journey. I offer support through perinatal therapy and personalized, trauma-informed, and
attachment-based antenatal education. Drawing on my background as a midwife, I bring a unique
perspective to understanding the intricacies of the maternity system, informing, and enhancing my
practice in supporting and nurturing clients.
Utilizing a holistic approach, I address a broad spectrum of emotional challenges, including birth
preparation, birth trauma, breastfeeding, anxiety, depression, the complexities of transitioning into
parenthood, pregnancy loss, and infertility.
In addition, I provide informative antenatal and postnatal heart-opening packages and classes for
expectant parents, both couples and groups. These offerings aim to cultivate resilience, connection,
and self-compassion. Clients receiving my mentoring and support report feeling better prepared for
the intensity and unpredictability of birth, based on trauma-informed best practices. This includes
fostering intercultural humility, using inclusive language, and ensuring respectful and accountable
interactions with clients, course participants, and among each other.

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