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My Story

I began my career working with adolescents and other vulnerable people in crisis support and accommodation services. I have experience as a Clinical Psychologist working in a range of different settings including public, private, and the community sectors.  My interest and special skills lie in working with parents and families - navigating antenatal, perinatal, and infant mental health.


My work is relational and trauma-informed through evidence-based psychological interventions from an Attachment and Systemic framework.  I use a warm, empathic, collaborative, and supportive approach to therapy, that adapts to meet the developmental needs of my clients. I use evidence-based psychological interventions from an Attachment-based and Systemic framework and I have completed training in trauma processing therapy (EMDR).


I think each person and every family must be understood uniquely and deeply, for this is the first essential step if we are to meet your treatment needs.

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