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Our Mission

At Lifespan we don’t do everything. At Lifespan, we offer specialised, multidisciplinary services for infants, young people, adults, and families. People seek treatment with us when their personal or family lives have gone off track. We help them to repair and strengthen their relationships, to connect more deeply with self and others. Developmental literature clearly shows that high quality relationships impact health, work, play, and satisfaction with life. Our practice addresses a wide range of mental health concerns and developmental issues that people face at key stages across the lifespan. The common thread that links our clinicians, models, and treatments is our relational focus.​We want to contribute to building a more connected world by growing reflective people, professionals, and organisations. We treat people or families who are suffering or unable to experience life fully. Through treatment, what has been broken or frayed can be mended. Our treatment aims to be sensitive to culture, trauma, and development. We help cultivate a reflective workforce through supervision and training across diverse settings. Overall, we aim for Lifespan to be a place in which all people (no matter how small!) can feel safe to express themselves and more fully engage in life.

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