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My Story

Life and development are complex, and I honour these complexities by trying to (w)holistically understand the many layers of a person’s experience that impact function.

I am a Senior Occupational Therapist with experience working in pediatrics, family support, and adult well-being. I have post-graduate qualifications in youth counselling and child trauma and have worked in both private and non-government settings.


I am also a pilates instructor, holistic health and lifestyle medicine advocate, and I am studying Functional Medicine. I can support children, adolescents and adults to adapt to the challenges they face in functional capacity, relationships, emotional regulation, sensory processing and development.


My practice is informed by sensory processing and self-regulation frameworks, Circle of Security parenting, and Family and Relationship Therapies. I am an endorsed Occupational Therapist with Medicare under the Chronic Disease Management plan. My clients are also eligible under private health and NDIS (self or plan managed).

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