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Hello and welcome to Lifespan. I continue to marvel at the beauty of young minds emerging and developing through the myriads of relational exchanges with parents and significant others. In keeping with the pioneer of Infant Mental Health – Selma Freiberg – I like to think of the early years as ‘magic years’ and I like to imagine how little children may experience the world as an exciting but sometimes frightening and unstable place. My hope is that every parent visiting Lifespan can join us in this discovery of the internal world of their children so that the relational dance between parent and child can be as harmonious as possible.  I also hope that the adults coming to us can feel seen and met in all their parts, including the most vulnerable and developmentally little ones.

My Story

I have 30 years of experience as a clinical psychologist and psychodynamic psychotherapist specialised in working with parent-infants, children, adolescents, and parents. Recently I have developed a strong interest in the transdiagnostic Mentalization Based Treatment for children (MBT-C) and its integration with trauma treatment (EMDR and pre-verbal trauma EMDR).  I work also with adult clients who seek support to get a deeper understanding of their personality and their way of relating to others.  I hold a doctorate from the University of Padua - Italy and completed part of my doctoral studies at the Anna Freud Centre in London - UK. I am the course coordinator of the Master of Clinical Psychology at Edith Cowan University. 


I bring into my practice my experience as a clinician, consultant, supervisor and lecturer/trainer of other professionals/students as well as my dedication to the wellbeing of my young patients and their families. I strive to offer a developmentally, attachment and trauma informed practice based on deep listening and commitment to my clients and their emotional needs.

I am fully bilingual (Italian and English).

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