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Hello and welcome to Lifespan. I believe that when we are supported to reflect  on our inner worlds and our relationships deeply and thoughtfully, then we are better able to navigate the many complexities of life smoothly and with awareness. To me, psychotherapy, training  and reflective supervision are wonderful tools, and I hope that everyone who walks through our doors at Lifespan is taken a little further on their own personal and/or professional journeys.  I am especially excited to support practitioners who work with young people and their families to be more curious and reflective in the hope we will build stronger relationships.

My Story

I have 40 years of experience working with people across the Lifespan as a counselling and a clinical psychologist in various contexts from academic settings to government agencies and in private practice and consultancy.

 My area of specialty is working with infants, young children, and their families in both preventative and therapeutic capacities and from a psychodynamic and relational framework.  My doctorate was about understanding the attachment  relationships of young children with their caregivers;  I am internationally accredited to train and supervise in Mentalizing Based Treatment (MBT); I am internationally accredited as a Mentor in Infant Mental Health;  I am a trainer in diagnosis in infants and young children using the international DC: 0-5 classification system. I have developed and/or  directed postgraduate courses in clinical psychology and in infant mental health.

My work today is mostly consultation with organisations and agencies who are interested in building a culture of mentalizing in workplaces or in improving organisational systems to support work with infants, young children and their families. I supervise and train professionals working  in the fields of  infant-early childhood care and mental health and child and adolescent psychotherapy and related fields. I aim to  bring curiosity and a collaborative approach to all my work in these varied contexts and to inspire and enable others to do so too. 

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